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Hello, my loves. I haven’t featured an outfit post here for so long, but I said to my self this dress deserves not only one blog post but hundreds of them!! If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know what a huge dress lover I am. I was just thinking a few days ago about how I haven’t wear any type of shorts this summer, I only wore dresses and skirts.

You guys are constantly asking me where do I get so many beautiful dresses or how come I find such profound pieces.

I have to say that I always was more of a maximalist than a minimalist. I’m not saying that in a reference of having way too much or wishing to have so much stuff I can barely stuff my closet. I’m referencing that in a way that I never was drawn towards simple and basic pieces. I have high respect towards some of the bloggers out there who are minimalists, the pieces look gorgeous on them but I would never really buy something like that. If I did buy something like that I never felt comfortable in it.

When it comes to my personal style I really love romantic pieces that have the most amazing details that you can observe, and every time you look at them you find yet another detail that you haven’t seen the first time you unpacked the dress. This is exactly what this dress is. An everlasting, vibrant, ruffled perfection.

On the bottom part, it has a pleated detail which I think makes it look much more voluminous than it is. Then comes the ruffled detail around the hips, there are two levels of ruffles actually. Which again makes the dress look much more interesting and unique. On the waist, it has more pleated details and a beautiful lace detail which I have to admit I kind of grew out of because it became so commercial but with this dress, it looks much more of a fashion staple than a commercial addition. This dress has another additional feature and that’s an open back! Somehow I feel more confident in open back dresses. I feel they just make the whole look a bit mysterious.

Another thing that I really love is an underdress. I can’t stress enough of how important it is, at least for me if the dress has an underdress! It’s only for safety precautions if there’s a wind blowing and the dress decides to go in her own way, you still have that additional layer of protection.

I found this beauty at True Decadence which is a UK based brand which I quote:

”True Decadence is epitomized by ultra-flattering shapes, superior quality, and inspiring details.

Established in 2016 our philosophy is centered around creating effortless silhouettes that celebrate femininity. Applying couture-inspired design techniques with the upmost attention to detail, our in-house team produces four collections each year of directional occasion wear and sleek separates.”

You now have to know why I love them so much, they’re the ultimate brand that I would personally turn to for a dress with the most profound silhouette that has attention to detail which is a definition of my personal style.

I picked Orchid Pink Satin Halterneck Gown but there are so many more I would be absolutely thrilled to have in my collection.



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