Collaboration with Timotej Rosc

I can’t wait for you to meet this young artist. His name is Timotej Rosc and he studies fashion design in Ljubljana. I had an honor to collaborate with him second year in a row, and let me tell you his sense in style is superb, and he is only eighteen years old, imagine that! When I was eighteen years old I watched series and ate a bag of chips and a bowl of ice cream per day people, per day! And there he is, sewing his heart away and making clothes to die for! His fall/winter 2016 collection is just everything. I seriously want to be buried in some of his pieces, for example in this green velvet suit…. like come ooooon!

We had a talk and this is what he had to say about his beautiful collection:

This year I’ve decided to create a fall/winter collection. In contrast with last year, when I presented a spring/summer collection, seeing as the winter fashion is more after my own heart. Main concept of the aforementioned collection is inscribed with structural shapes that synthesize with organic ones, an original idea which emanates from nature engraving modern architecture. Clothes themselves are in darker colors and feature a loose cut. This year marks my debut in men fashion, which I find increasingly more fascinating. I presented 24 models to the public on the runway, six of which were men. Sets consisted of pantaloons, pullovers, coats, jackets, blazers…For the most part, clothes are not tailored for specific sex, but can be worn by both. I have rendered organic shapes in pullovers, but structural contours were envisioned in rectangular trousers, t-shirts, kimonos, … Used materials are appropriate for colder days, such as wool, velvet, knitwear, neoprene, satin, … I have designed and produced the clothing myself, and dressed the shoes in faux fur, which were worn by models.”

He’s the greatest isn’t he? And let me remind you again, he is only eighteen years old! I’m going to stop babbling, and show you some photos from the show!

Backstage diary

Walk that walk diary

Up-close diary

Timotej Rosc

The photos are a creation of one of the most amazing photographer – Lucija Rocs. She really is my favorite!

You can find her on Tumblr and Instagram, links are right below:


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