Baby Blue

For this one I wanted to be kind of casual but still chic. I’ve combined this beautiful baby blue off the shoulder top from H&M, with this comfortable boyfriend jeans, also from H&M. I bought both last summer and I’m still supper in love.? (My boyfriend on the other hand, not so much hahaha I’m strictly talking about them jeans here!?)

So this was the casual part and then, we come to the chic part! I absolutely love these cute sandals, and as I’m writing this post down, I’ve come to a conclusion that everything I wear is from H&M, that’s nothing new right? ? So, back to the sandals and how much I love them… I love that the heel is not too high and you can wear them either with beautiful summer dress or just make it more casual, and wear them with some mom, boyfriend, or even regular jeans, just make sure they are high waist! ?I would seriously recommend these sandals if you have a wedding from a friend approaching and you’re already thinking about how swollen your legs will be at the end of the day and what you’ll wear for a substitute! Well with these sandals, there’s no need for a substitute, oh my! I sound like those annoying sellers from a TV, the only thing that’s missing is: ‘’If you call us in the next  5 minutes you’ll also get one pair in red color for free.’’ ? I’m not kidding about that red color tho’, you can get them either in grey, red or black color, just not for free! You wish right? Me too! You can buy them right HERE

PHOTO: Nikolina Babić


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