Shein Autumn Trends (2018)

I have to say I’m pretty much adapting all the autumn trends right now. Even (wait for it) animal print which I thought I could never love, but thing change and I’m adding animal print little by little into my wardrobe. So here’s what I figured it’s going to be super trendy, you can find al of these piece on website SHEIN.

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A N I M A L   P R I N T

When it comes to animal print, it really depends if you know how to wear it really! I think I started resenting animal print when girls started dressing like sexy kittens in all animal print onesie. But as I began to search street style photos from fashionistas wearing this god forbidden print I was like hell to the yes! I only have a scarf which has a little animal print in it. I don’t think I would go all crazy and buy myself a snake print dress or something. I would most likely have snakeskin (brown) boots! That’s for sure!

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P L A I D   P R I N T

I have to say that I always liked plaid but this year is just exploding everywhere! I would love to add an oversized plaid trench coat in my wardrobe, and I think I have found just the right trench at SHEIN.

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P L E A T E D   S K I R T S

I don’t know if you noticed, but plaid skirts are also coming back big time! I am obsessed with them I already have three of them in my closet. They’re efficient to wear. Eather you touch your shirt or sweater in or just wear it over it and add a belt to create shape, all is good!

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B L A C K   B O O T S

Well, do I need to say anything about this? I don’t think so; black boots are the most common thing in every girl’s closet. It’s just autumn/winter must-have!

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B E L T   B A G S

They are as Parisians would say très chic! And I love hem. Right now I only have one which is this beautiful brown, but I think my collection will expand.

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C O R D U R O Y   E V E R Y T H I N G

And when I say everything I really mean it! Corduroy i really popping everywhere and I’m really hapy aout that, I always loved corduroy touch. For everybody that doesen’tknow what corduroy means it’s this ribbed velvety material that you probably wore as a child. I missed this in my wardrobe.

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