Tally Weijl Autumn 2018

I had to stop Sia’s song to concentrate on the blog post that I have to write. I have yet another post in collaboration with Tally Weijl. I have really grown to love the brand so much and also people that work for it! I’m happy I get to collaborate with brands that I adore, it’s not common that a person with such ”low” following on Instagram get to collaborate with anyone since brands only care about numbers (I mean followers). That’s why people buy them, to provide themselves a ”powerful” place in society, this is how far we’ve come. If you don’t have the right number, you’re not good enough, but if you do have the number you’re a fraud, .so you can’t really win! While I’m writing this, I think I’ll create a particular blog post just for Instagram/brands/so-called Instagram bloggers. But for now, I’m just going to concentrate on this one, because I’m really excited to share with you what I’ve picked myself for moth October.

P L A I D   J A C K E T

I’m all over plaid print; I remember my mother wearing it when I was younger, and I still have jackets from her.

P L A I D   C O-O R D   S E T

I absolutely adore this set; I just think it’s co-ord heaven! The bottoms are shorts, but They’re camouflaged into a skirt! Genius!

P L A I D   B A K E R   B O Y   H A T

I couldn’t resist, seriously! It’s the cutest baker boy hat ever!

G R E E N   J U M P E R

I wanted this jumper for a really long time, I almost picked it up last month but I don’t know why I didn’t! I came to the store and searched for it and I didn’t see it, but then a kind lady from the store brought it out and I almost started crying haha. I just love the minimalistic cut and those adorable big buttons + color really compliments my hair color.

P L A I D   S K I R T

You’re probably wondering if I’m finished with plaid print haha. I am now, I swear!

P I N K   C O R D U R O Y   T R O U S E R S

Now let me tell you, that kind lady that I was talking about before was sceptical if I should take this cute pants home, but I absolutely love them! I love how their cut on the bottom like somebody randomly cut them and gave no damn about it. So effortless, I love it!

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