A Thank You Note!

I’m starting today’s post with a gratitude. This photo shoot left me speechless, it let me down, and my eyes were burning from tears, not in a good way, trust me. I already talked a little bit about what happened on this photo shoot and I won’t say it again because I got through with it and I don’t want to fuss about it anymore.

Some people say that you start to cherish things when you lose them. But I never really take things for granted. I cherish everything that I’m working for because I know exactly how hard I had to work for it, it’s that easy! Two weeks without my camera and I feel like I’m missing a part of my body, I know that’s extreme but I really do love my camera and I miss it so much, but I know everything will be okay and I know I’m being extreme about it but as I said before, when I get it back, I’m unstoppable! I can’t wait for new shootings and new adventures. I have so many ideas that my mind is slowly exploding from them! But I think that’s good right?

So what am I grateful for?

I’ M   G R A T E F U L   F O R

This experience, because now I really do know how much photography means to me.

I’ M   G R A T E F U L   T O

Hotel Paka for giving me a chance to take photos in one of their gorgeous exclusive rooms and for baking me the whole freaking cake, I mean who does that??

I’ M   G R A T E F U L  F O R

My beautiful model Petra who was such a professional and so patient in this whole chaos

I’ M   G R A T E F U L  F O R

A brand new friend that I made which is Maša. I’m so thankful that people want to collaborate and create something amazing together! Thank you Maša, your make was on point! I can’t wait to make more projects with you!

I’ M   G R A T E F U L   T  O

Maja’s closet to have faith in me and landing me one of their gorgeous dress!!

I’ M   G R A T E F U L   T  O

Sporting Group, for always making my models look like a movie stars with their jeweler from Parfois.  

I remember times when I was alone in all of this, I was doing my model’s ”makeup” (it was horrible), I was the one who went in the store and bought jewelery that I never wore after that (that’s story of my life), I was in charge of practicaly everything, but as you grow as a person and a creative, you realise that you simply can’t do everything by yourself, there’s too much preassure and in the end the results are not as you wanted them to be. That’s why I’m so grateful to every one of you who want to create something special together!! ❤ If you want to do a coolaboration, just let me know, don’t be a stranger!

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