It was Thursday the may of 10th when I attended my first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Ljubljana. I invited my best friend Sara, but we hadn’t had a chance to snap a shot there, I think we were just overwhelmed with everything going on. But I’m so glad we went together! At first, she couldn’t come because of her classes so I was already imagining the whole other scenario, but then just a day before, she said she can come and I was over the moon about it!

The main focus was on Mercedes Benz of course and the store XYZ  and I loved the whole set up they did with the cars and outfits. The model went first and the car was following the model, crazy right? That was their goal to represent both of the brands and I think it was super innovative. They could easily put all of the cars in the middle and let models walk around them, but not in this case. Sara and I had such a fun night and I’m so grateful to be invited.

Just when I thought the night couldn’t get any better I bumped into R A I V E N. I’m girl crushing on her for a long time my friend! I’m super in love with her unique look and her voice! She’s a Slovenian singer and harp player and when my eyes spotted her I had to stop and say something and in the end, we even hugged, that was kind of a peak of my night!

Okay now to concentrate on what I was wearing. First of all this dress represents my style to the fullest! I love to be super edgy but at the same time kind of girly. The flowers and the frill design screams ”I’m such a girl” and those details on the top and the bottom screams ”I’m a rock and roll chic” so that’s what I love when I’m putting outfits together, but for this one, I didn’t have to because it already has all of the elements in it. I got it on my new favorite online store G L A M O R O U S which is very affordable, that’s what I love the most about it!

B U Y   T H I S   D R E S S   H E R E

Right now it’s on SALE!


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