A girl With Golden Locks

As you probably know I hosted a giveaway on my Instagram in collaboration with Tally Weijl. I have picked the winner who was this beautiful young lady named Eva. We first went to visit the store in Celje, and she picked up two pieces of clothing which she loved and then we went to take some photos. We had so much fun, we also almost got hit by a car (living on the edge), and we laughed like it’s the last day on earth.

My heart was seriously so full after this photoshoot because I knew I made somebody happy and that was my main thing with this collaboration. People say that if you give, you receive and that’s how I want to live my life! I’m so grateful to Tally Weijl with agreeing in this giveaway and also giving me a chance to spend my time with this gorgeous young girl! I hope I’ll host another giveaway soon.

Now let me present Eva’s picks:

She picked out a gray coat which is extremely beautiful and also essential for cold autumn days that are approaching. I really love Tally’s autumn collection. Their pieces are inspired by other designers, and that’s what we’re all looking for: inspired designer clothes on a budget, and Tally Weijl definitely delivers just that!

She also picked out the evergreen, and that’s black leather jacket! I have watched so many youtube videos and read so many blog posts of people saying how important is to invest in essential pieces like for example a black leather jacket, which I totally agree, and I’m happy that Eva picked out her favorite leather jacket because it suits her like a glove!

She looks absolutely stunning, right? By the end of the shoot, I got changed into my outfit, and we posed together which was extremely fun and we both laughed like crazy.

Please check out Eva out on her Instagram page. She’s so freaking adorable, I just can’t! Thank you again Tally Weijl for making this possible!

I loved every minute of it! ❤

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