3 Photographers Shoot 1 Model (Slovene Edition)

So, today I have a different kind of blog post for you. It still involves fashion because there were three different styles included, so we are not going to swim far away from my favorite topic.

So, how this all started? One day the amazing Žiga Dornik contacted me, asking if I would like to be a part of the challenge called 3 photographer shoot 1 model. Now, you need to know that this challenge has been filmed around the world multiple times, the first person doing this was my queen Jessica Kobeissi who came up with this creative idea. I watched all of her videos, and I wanted to do the same thing in Slovenia, but I didn’t know who would film the whole process. But then Žiga asked me and I was so thrilled that in the middle of work, I stopped working hahahahha.

This challenge wasn’t quite the same as around the world. You see, us photographer had zero ideas what the locations were and styling, Žiga had everything planned out, and he didn’t tell anybody about anything, so we were in the dark the whole time, which for me wasn’t that pleasant since I’m not comfortable with surprises. If you’re asking yourself why some of the clothes Sara is wearing are similar to my wardrobe is because Sara came to spend the night at my place one day before and she asked if she could borrow some of my stuff while I was downstairs shampooing my hair for the third time. I had zero ideas what she was wearing that’s why I was so surprised every time I saw her.

The fantastic photographers who worked on this project were Nina staničŽan Zupančič, and myself. The genius behind the cameras were Marko and Žiga, and our beautiful model was who else than gorgeous Sara Kadenšek.

Okay, so to start with locations, the first location was Žiga’s and Nina’s home, the styling was chill and super comfy, and we even had the option to adjust the whole room as we please. That was awkward for me because I’m not much of an interior designer, so I saw a Wi-Fi cable gazing and I just unplugged that so I don’t have to Photoshop it out, and that was kind of it. That was my set up hahahhaha. And when I watched the video and saw what Nina and Žan did with the place I was like damn! But I’m super happy with my photo.

F I R S T    L O C A T I O N




After shooting the first location and style, Žiga told us that the next location was abandoned Rog factory and that we’re shooting street style and I just felt like God was finally on my side hahahahah, I don’t like shooting inside, I’m an outsider, literally and metaphorically. So we went there and did another amazing job all of us!

S E C O N D   L O C A T I O N





When Žiga told us the last location, I almost started crying hahahhaha. It was Studio 7, and I have done studio photography once in my entire life, and I didn’t like it. But after that challenge, I went and did studio photo-shoot just because I’m stubborn like this and I wanted to practice and get to know my enemies which are lights, but right now we’re halfway to become best friends so yay lights!

T H I R D   L O C A T I O N




So what this challenge taught me? It’s okay if I go out of my comfort zone and just take photos unprepared because beautiful things come out of it. It taught me how to be more relaxed, and it definitely taught me that I could pretend to know what I’m doing, but I have no clue what so ever hahahahahha. I’m kidding guys, or am I?

T H A N K   Y O U

Žiga Dornik I can’t believe that I’ve been a fan of your videos for so long and now I’m a part of this one, you’re such an inspiration and an amazing person! ❤

Marko Vuletič  Thank you for all the laughs and amazing shots you did; My mind was blown away! ❤

Nina Stanič you cutie pie, it was such a pleasure working with you, you did an amazing job! ❤

Žan Zupančič I don’t know much about Žan, but he’s the most humble and chill person ever! I loved getting to know him and just laugh every time we had a chance to, which was all the time! Thank you for your support, you did an amazing job, seriously! ❤

Sara Kadenšek girl you know how much I love you right? I’m so happy that I got another chance to work with your beautiful presence and just seeing you shine. I will always choose you! ❤

A special thanks also go to studio 7 for making us all go out of our comfort zones and creating something beautiful!

Here’s the video of the whole process, I hope you like it as much as we do!

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