Portraits By Katja

I always say how happy I am to work with young artists and last Sunday I worked with the youngest photographer I know. Her name is Katja, and she is just the bundle of joy, truly. So, shooting in a -15°C  wasn’t a good idea haha, we almost froze, it was so damn cold, Katja barely held her camera and for me posing wasn’t that hard because I actually turned into an ice sculpure.

I don’t know much about Katja, but I got to know a little about her while we were shooting. She is just finishing her fourth year in high school, and she’s into politics and economy. She decided that it’s best if she pursues photography as a hobby. She’s enthusiastic and hard working young photographer. She is kind which for me is the most important thing when I’m working with somebody! I loved working with her, and I believe she will thrive and become a rock star, no matter what she chooses, politics or photography!  ❤

Check her beautiful Instagram page right HERE ?

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