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  • Jeans Hunting


    I never imagined I would ever wear jeans shorts with my pale skin, but since I made a new best friend, which is Bondi Sands I finally can wear a proper jeans shorts! I impulsively bought eight pairs of them and wore 2 of them… The story of my life! It’s like being on a […]

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  • Date Night Outfit


    I don’t know if there’s anything more comfortable than a satin skirt or dress.? To a woman, a silk dress is not JUST a dress. It’s about letting your skin breath; it’s about feeling all pampered and admired and mostly it’s about feeling yourself, this is definitely what Beyonce would say! ? This trend was […]

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  • Triple C

    Triple C

    I would say that November for me, is full on cozy coats! This particular coat makes me feel hungry for some cotton candy! It’s so cushy and pink and I just want to eat it up and say Yuuummmzeey! Now you know what does triple C in title stands for – Cotton Candy Coat of […]

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  • Schoolin’ Life


    School is about to start, and I’m super excited, yeah I’m really that big of a nerd! Since this is my last year in college #imcrying I really need to start taking things more seriously, so this is my ”First/last/serious back to school outfit post”! I’m going to kick off this school year with mostly vintage […]