This will take you from day to night

If your life is hectic right now and you just don’t find time to change, try this one out! You can transform a day outfit to mysterious and chick night outfit in less than five minutes. Yeah you read it right!

When you’re standing in front of your closet and figuring out how to start your day and also make a fashion statement, this is how you do it.

Start with any kind of jeans, jeans is heaven! Then put on classic white shirt, but don’t tuck it, yeah I can’t believe I’m saying this too. Find yourself any kind of blazer, I used this striped one because stripes are so photogenic on photos, aren’t they? And finish it up with simple white sneakers, I also spiced up this look with some accessorize (a hat)… I’m so proud of myself! That’s the way to star your workday like a boss (that was confident?!)

(Hat: H&M, for 7€; Blazer: New Yorker, for 4.95€; Shirt is vintage; Jeans: New Yorker, for 10€; White sneakers: Kik, for 7.00€)

Then suddenly your boss tells you, you have a cocktail party right after work, what to do?! Go home, change those sneakers to simple black sandals, and tuck your white shirt in (finally). If you want, you can also change your hair, it takes only a second to put them into a simple low ponytail. Then, it’s time for some make up! Okay so I have to be honest with you, I suck at doing make up! So all I do is put some mascara on, but you have to know my mascara doesn’t get just on my eyelashes it goes on whole eyelid, so there you have it, I totally suck! And off course there must be a lipstick, I’m not going to even start on this one…

Sandals: C&A, for 3.19€

(Don’t mind this awkward jump)

So if you don’t have much time to change from day to night, this is the perfect solution for you. I hope you try it out.

Photo: Sara Žigon


  1. September 19, 2016 / 11:15

    Wau, kk lepe slike! In super ideja 😉

    • September 19, 2016 / 11:25

      Oh, najlepša hvala <3 Upam da jo kdaj uporabiš, če boš v takšni zagati ;$

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