Take Me Back To The Night We Met

The idea of retouching and using Photoshop has been sensitive for years now. You can either love it or hate it. It’s true, I can relate to those people who want to take a raw image and just leave it be, I have many fellow photographers who see beauty in raw and untouched photos. I even understand that magazines use Photoshop for all the wrong reasons, making models even tinier as they already are, I mean come on!! ?But it’s interesting how everybody manipulates with different types of Photoshop. For instance, you have gazillion different apps that you can use even on your phone. You can highlight and make your highlighter shine bright like a diamond; you can whiten your teeth, you can resize your lips, legs, stomach, your eyes and I’m not talking about professional Photoshop, you can do all of that with a phone app like Face Tune!! Can you imagine? ? I will not get into that ‘’social media is fake’’ because I just can’t seriously, just can’t! ? I will never forget words of Mario Testino and how he explains what Photoshop represents to him, I quote:’’ There are different ways of using retouching; it’s true. You have people like David LaChapelle, for instance, who will do anything in his pictures; he would put an elephant at the dining table! Lucian Freud, for instance, is the other extreme, you know? That’s retouching. He made people look uglier than they were! They’re points of view. Some people will light somebody in a dark way, and beauty maybe is not their thing; other people enhance. I’ve been a photographer for 35 years, and I’ve been through so many different times. Photographers like Mert and Marcus came into fashion, and they were hyper-reality, hyper-retouch, hyper-glamorizing. And then another younger photographer comes in and brings out the reality of film: no retouching, no lighting. But I think individuality is the thing that will probably stay.’’ He’s my King! ❤
I used to hate Photoshop like HATE IT! My go to app for slight changes was always Lightroom, but now, I can’t imagine editing photo without Photoshop. I’m not saying I started hating on Lightroom, but it just isn’t my go to app anymore! I honestly recommend Lightroom to every photographer fellow who is just starting. I learned a lot from Lightroom, but Photoshop is a whole new world. My friend Sara patiently showed me just one thing, and that was dodge and burn, and I swear once you know what new layer means you’re one step closer to become more involved in Photoshop. ? I’m not saying I’m a pro hahaha ? I’m far away from being a pro in Photoshop, I still sometimes loose myself with all of the options, it seriously is a long way to go. And that’s what I love about it. Every single day is a fresh start on a new option key. ? I had an image in my head for a long time now; it was totally out of my comfort zone because it’s conceptual which I adore, I just didn’t shot any but I will start doing more of it, for sure. So I took a tripod to this beautiful place in my hometown, and I also took my boyfriend who helped me with triggering my machine and it was just everything I imagined it to be. ❤ I was inspired by Lord Huron’s song called The night we met. God, this song makes me cry every single time I hear it, yes it’s that powerful to me! ❤

I also have BEFORE and AFTER photo for you to see what I changed. Let me know if you like before, and after photos in comments below, I will make sure to include them more in my posts.?



  1. May 24, 2017 / 08:18

    That’s so amazing! It’s incredible to see what you can actually create from a picture. Definitely yes for before and after pictures, it’s so interesting. You seem to be really good at it, I would never have imagined that the original picture looked like this. Also, I would be very interested to see before/after pictures of portraits 🙂

    • May 24, 2017 / 11:11

      Ohh Madeline thank you so much! ❤ This was actually my first try at it but I have lots of plans for fine art photography. I have a whole lot of imagination? This is why conceptual photography works for me ☺️ I’m so happy, you like my before/after project and I will make sure to include more of it in my posts, and I will also do a portrait before and after, of course! I’m so happy whenever I see your comment! Thank you! ❤

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