My Experience with ZAFUL

Okay, ladies, let’s talk about ZAFUL. ☺️ First of all, I would like to underline something crucial! We all have our doubts when it comes to ordering online, and you have to know, that I would never publish something on this platform if I didn’t believe in it. I tend, to be honest about everything on my blog and this post will be sincere all the way.

Before every purchase that I do online, I tend to watch like hundreds of reviews just to be sure about it. I watched a lot of Zaful reviews and some of them were awful and other was excellent. How will you know, if you don’t try it yourself, right? ☺️ So I decided to make a little purchase by myself before my collaboration with this site. I ordered two sunglasses, and I was over the moon about them. They are high quality, they’re both reflective and I love them. I will make sure to include them in my next posts. ? For our collaboration, I ordered this brown floral playsuit which is the main character in today’s post and my friend Nikolina, ordered a beautiful blue velvet dress with a little side split.

Now it’s time for some honesty. Nikolina and I both…. LOVED dress and the playsuit. ? Both of them look exactly like the photo on the site! The quality and stitching are superb, and the customs service has been severely very helpful! It took about two weeks before my package arrived in Slovenia. I am very pleased with my playsuit, but I have to warn you about sizes! Make SURE you measure yourself before any purchase! My playsuit is in size L because I’m practically a giant, and it suits me just right! The one thing I would change is the length of the bottom part, and I’m talking about shorts of the playsuit. I don’t know why I didn’t notice the length of it in the photo, maybe I was just overexcited, and I ignored it? ?I don’t know! ☺️ I’m more on the controversial side and don’t like if my butt is just about to flash every single person around me, so this will be my ”beach go to” outfit! ☺️There’s also a belt from the same fabric that comes with it, but I wanted to put a little edge on this look and combine it with my replica of Bri Bri belt from Primark.

I wanted to go and take photos in nature because sometimes you just need a little green magic in your life.?My Instagram looks like kale exploded, so there’s that! ?

I would recommend taking a look at Zaful site right HERE, it has trendy and stunning stuff, and I’m so in love with their swimwear! ? I hope to do another collaboration with them, and I hope it will be about swimwear. ❤

Buy Nikolina’s velvet dress HERE

Andy my Floral Playsuit HERE

You should also check out their SALE section right HERE ?

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask in comment section bellow, you can also write me a private message on my Instagram or my Facebook page if you’re shy!


And a little sass from my girl Nikolina ?


  1. May 30, 2017 / 16:29

    Everything looks so gorgeous on you two! Odlične fotografije – kot vedno. ♡


    • May 30, 2017 / 16:50

      Oooooo hvalaaa ?❤ Kk si prijazna res hvala ❤❤

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