Statement Dress

As I was saying on Instagram, I started collecting unique pieces when I was 7 years old, and by collecting I mean imagining how I’m actually wearing all my mother’s vintage dresses, silk tops, and leather pants.  When I got older I couldn’t believe she was exactly the same fit as I am today and that’s when my journey began.

This is not my mother’s dress but it’s that one dress that made my jaw drop big time!! I had this dress on my wishlist on Asos for quite some time now and when I saw that discount blinking I knew it had to be mine!

A lot of people are always asking me where am I going to wear these type of dresses, but you need to know that I’m first a photographer and you have no idea how convenient it is for me to just grab the fluffiest dress in my wardrobe, go outside and make something amazing with it! Sometimes it’s really hard finding brad that suits your style or a brand that would love to collaborate with you in the first place. So finding dresses like this makes my life so much easier.

Also a little disclaimer, these photos don’t really do this dress any justice, it’s far more fabulous than just a few shots with my wi-fi connection, but since it’s freezing outside it will need to wait a little bit more to dance in the sun!

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