How To Fake a Salon Blow Out

Since new years eve is approaching I wanted to talk about hair, not clothes this time, well maybe a little bit about clothes 😛

I decided to go shorter with the length of my hair since I just got super bored with the length I had. They weren’t long, or short, they were just the most basic length ever, and since I started cringing every time my hair got longer, I decided it was about time to cut them shorter.

I thought they would be easier to control, and having them shorter in front gives so much dynamic to them. I can do so much with them now, and I’m thrilled about that!

Before that, I couldn’t quite do anything with them, but now I figured I had the most perfect length to create a salon-like blow out, so I decided I’m going to share that with you.

You can do that either with a straightener or with Remington Jumbo hot rollers like I did.

Why do I like to use the hot rollers instead of straightener?

I love that I don’t need to hold my curl in hand for another minute when I curl them. With rollers, you just roll your hair, pin them, and then wait for them to cool off on their own. It’s important to let your hair rest and cool off because the curl will last longer that way.

How I use the rollers?

I separate my hair into five sections, I start in the front of my head and continue going to the back of the head than I separate my hair into two sections on the sides and put rollers up in my hair. And that’s it! You then wait until the rollers cool off that takes approximately 10 minutes; in the meantime, you can do the dishes, do your makeup, go under the shower, whatever you want.

I then put the pins out, get my hairbrush, and just brush through them gently. I then use a hair spray and a volume powder to give them a little bit more boost, and I’m done. Kevin Murphy’s hair powder is sadly out of stock, but I found the perfect compensation.

I will also try to do a tutorial on how to fake a blow out with a straightener, but I personally use L’oreal Professionnel Steampod 2.0 and the blow out looks actually even better than the one with rollers! Can’t wait to show you!


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