Not a Leather Girl

You know that feeling when you’re just not a person for something? Like me, I never was quite a leather girl, don’t know why. And it’s funny how I’ve never been a white jeans kind of gal’, they just don’t suit me well, so why even bother! I’ve lost all hopes of wearing white jeans, but I noticed that my attention these days is going towards leather. I borrowed this jacket from my friend because I’m just that kind of a person who tries and watches every single review before buying anything, and yes, it’s exhausting sometimes but I love to be sure of things so… My friend has this jacket for years now, and I love the cut! It’s not too long or too short, it hits you just in the right place. But to be honest with you, when I went to find myself a simple leather jacket, none of them were right for me, they were all too short like the bottom was right under my boobs! I don’t know if that’s because I’m a giant or because people like to show off their kidneys, either way, that short cut is not for me. I’m still on a search to find myself the perfect leather jacket, btw this is my dream jacket right HERE. Dear Jesus, it’s marvelous right? ❤But look at that price, not marvelous anymore! ? If you have any suggestion where to find a leather jacket for giants that doesn’t cost gazillion dollars, please let me know!

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