Let’s start today’s post with a poem, because why not??

Rules of Autumn:

–    Kiss the leaves before they show you their true colors.

–    Study your own fingerprints until you find out your history.

–    Smile at every stranger.

–    Go deep inside yourself until you get to the spinning light. Stay there.

–    Thank a tree for your breath.

–    Knit a scarf made of the things you wish you said this Summer. Give it to someone who will wrap it tightly around his heart for when it gets cold.

–    Watch the sunrise. Pretend you are the sun.

–    Study your palm lines until you find out your future.

–    Be the trees that lose their leaves. Die from your old self. You will bloom again in the spring. You always do.

– Emery Allen

Right this moment I’m thanking the Universe for giving the power to people who are writing down this outstanding art, to touch our hearts in such a profound way, it’s unimaginable. I only wish I had that kind of superpower!

If you’re asking why I love fall… Well for starters, everything is brown, and you already know how I feel about brown color right? If you don’t, it’s my absolute favorite. It’s color of mother earth, and I know, I know I’m not going to get all emotional and poetic again, but the brown color calms me down. Don’t even get me started on the cuddling part. Put on a hot water for tea, or even warm milk for some hot chocolate, get in the bed with your segnificent one and cuddle until you loose your breath! If you don’t have the segnificent one, make sure to cuddle and be gentle with youself. Put on a movie and get yourself some blanket and sip that hot chocolate like it’s nobodies bussines!

I love how the woods are changing its nature, I know everything is pretty much gray outside because of the rain, but have you ever look up from your screens and went outside for a walk in the forest? It’s magical! It feels like a rainbow exploded! Woods smell like new beginnings, and everything is cracking under your feet like you’re walking on corn flakes. We need to appreciate little things like this; life teaches you that, trust me!  ❤

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