It’s my party and I’ll blog if I want to

So right now, like literarily right now, I’m becoming 24 years old and as you can see I’m still acting like a child so let me hashtag this one out #adulthood #nailedit!

All joking aside! I just want to say that before this blog happened I really was lost! I remember thinking just about one year ago, how I don’t even know what I’m doing with my life. I was so afraid that I’m going to turn 30 and won’t have anything or won’t accomplish anything in my life, but right then I didn’t do anything to actually change that! So one day I have had enough of fear, and started something that I can’t even describe how much I love! Fashion is something I can really relate to. But to leave my ‘’fashion obsession’’ behind I have to tell you something about my second love! Next year I’m going to have my master’s degree from inclusive pedagogy. The perks of working with those soulful children are definitely valuable experiences from which I will benefit for a lifetime. I’ can’t wait to work with those sunshine’s and be the change I wish to see in the world!

Wow I managed to be serious for the whole paragraph; I really am becoming an adult! #thereisstillhopeforme

Notes to my 24 years old self:

Relax, just breathe!

Workout lazy pants!

Read more!

Do yourself a favor and travel more, please!

Be unstoppable!

Don’t be awkward, you’re an adult now!

Don’t be so shy, open up a little bit more!

And always remember the bigger the risk, the bigger reward!


Birthday vibes

Happy birthday my Queen!

Photo: Sara Žigon


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