How Do I Keep My Hair Shiny

I used to have really long hair if you reckon that, and I’m still not even remotely sorry that I chopped them off and donated them, in fact, once you start cutting your hair you want to cut them even more, I already wish to have a lob, or even bob, but we’ll see.

I decided to share with you what has been giving my hair or my new wigs some extra shine this past month and I really hope I inspire you to try out new products for yourself.

I already talked about my whole hair routine on Instagram a year ago and something hasn’t changed and that’s which shampoo and conditioner I’m using. I’m really obsessed with Aussie hair products, they smell AMAZING! I can’t really put my finger on what type of smell they have but it really reminds me of bubble gum or some kind of candy I used to chew when I was younger. What’s most important is that the smell after you washed your hair doesn’t really go away, which is phenomenal! I’m right now using Aussie Volume shampoo and conditioner just because my hair is super flat and I just can’t get any type of volume in them. What I also love about their products is that they have these little notes on their products which are really fun to read. For example, the volume shampoo has a little message like: For fine, flat hair that needs a little lift. I don’t know why but these types of things mean so much to me.

Another thing that I’ve been using is a Moroccan Oil regeneration hair mash which is for every single hair type. I’ve used Moroccan Oil products before and I was really happy with them, but right now, this mask is the perfect solution whenever my hair gets extra dry on the ends. It does wonders, I swear!!

For adding just a little bit of that extra shine I put a hair cream by TIGI – Bed Head Motor Mouth which is a volumes cream with wait for it….. Neon effect!! It actually has glitter in it and please don’t be alarmed it doesn’t leave you with glittery hair, but it really does add a certain type of shine to your hair. I put it on my wet hair, leave it on for a little bit, then spray my hair with heat protection spray and dry it with a hairdryer. I wish I could tell you that I dry my hair naturally but I really don’t, especially with these cold days that are approaching.

I got all of these beautiful products at Notino which is right now my favorite place to shop and actually educate myself on all things that are beauty-related.

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