Collaboration with Tally Weijl

So, I’m super happy to share with you that I collaborated with Tally Weijl. I picked up some pieces that I immediately fell in love with, and I can’t wait for you to see which one I chose! I’m so happy to get the chance to collaborate with series of brands! They are the ones that push my boundaries and make me even more creative with every outfit that I share! I wish I had more time to do something more editorial on my behalf, but right now I had so many photos shoots over the weekend that I just didn’t manage to pull something more editorial together, but hey! A good old street style photo shoot it’s still my favorite one to do, even when I feel so awkward while people are passing by and stare. So to leave those stares behind, I picked up a simple, kind of western style. I love a simple white button-up shirt, but this one has a little knot in the front, but for this style, I wanted for the shirt to be tucked in. Then, we have a high waist jeans shorts which I ADORE! They are made out of soft jeans which I respect! I don’t like if a jeans shorts are made out of that sharp, hard jeans, you can’t even move in them let alone do a squat. I always size up in jeans shorts because I love if they’re oversized. All you need to do is put a belt on and there you go! And I also fell in love with both heels and the bag which are kind of the same color, and I love the metal detail on the bag, and I also love that those boots are an open toe.

I would like to thank Tally Weijl for including me into their family ❤

B U Y   J E A N S   S H O R T S


B U Y   W H I T E   K N O T   S H I R T


B U Y   O P E N   T O E   B O O T S


B U Y   B A G



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