I am so happy to announce my first GIVEAWAY! It’s the most wonderful time of the year (I just sang that by the way) and that’s off course Christmas! ? I’m going to be totally honest with you, I absolutely and utterly love Christmas and gifting people so to speak. I feel such joy just giving anybody something small and intimate, it’s like knowing their biggest wish, and you are THE person to make that wish come true. I like to think I’m Santa for just one night and that’s the most wonderful feeling ever!

The look on person’s face, when he/she opens the gift is priceless. I sometimes want to grab a camera and just document every single moment, but than I wouldn’t have time to be a stalker with big S, let me explain this one… You know that awkward moment, when somebody gives you a present, like that’s awkward enough by itself already, but then comes the most AWKWARD moment of all time and that’s the precise observation of the person who gave you the present…. Do you know anybody who’s like that?? Well my dear sadly, I’m that person! Now you know why I occasionally call myself stalker! I can’t help myself I just want to see the face and yell ??SURPRISEEEE ?? Don’t get me even started on how over excited I get, when the gift is about to be unwrapped. Everybody tries to unwrap it carefully, so they don’t tear everything up, and I’m there, on the end of my seat just like: ”Oh my God do it, just tear down the whole thing, but no pressure, no pressure!’’ You must be thanking God right now, I’m not one of your family members hahaha ?

So to finally get to the point, I’m giving away this beautiful BURGUNDY COLORED PONCHO which you can see in the element on the photo bellow. It dances and follows your moves like shadow, it’s perfect for cold days which are just around the corner.

And one of the most amazing jewelry I have ever seen in my life! You know I’m not much of a jewelry girl, but this one speaks for itself! My friend Katarina who you can find right here is making them with patience (which by the way, you must have tons) and the most important, love! She literally captures and perpetuates a piece of nature in necklaces and that’s more than enough to convince me, to have one! So why wouldn’t you like to have one of these everlasting and unique pieces hanging around your neck too? Oh, and by the way, if you win, you can choose any necklace you like, how cool is that?

Photo: Katarina Zakonjšek


In order to WIN this GIVEAWAY you have to:

Follow me on my Instagram account @anastasijakajba

Follow my amazing friend Katarina on her Instagram @floraljoyjewelry as well

In the comments section on Instagram tag at least one friend and write one of your Christmas wishes


Some restrictions apply:


It closes on Saturday 24 of December at midnight

Good luck loves


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