Can We Start Talking About Spring?

Long time, no see right? Well, to be honest, I really don’t like winter so I’m spending my days at work and when I come home I’m spending them under the blanket. I really have no energy, and it’s the worst time because Žiga and I are moving into our home. January felt like a whole freaking year, so if you ask me, it’s already 2020 for me. But I seriously can’t wait to show you our new home! I’m not much of an inner decorator, but I think I will handle this pretty well.

If the photos are something, you saw first let me explain. I know, I know I’m super underdressed for this time of the year, but can a girl dream?? I can’t wait to hear birds singing and don’t even get me started on that smell of flowers. But on a fashion note, I really can’t wait to show you all the dresses I got on sale for spring and summer. This prices may not be as low as wholesale prices, but I think I still got a good deal. I love buying stuff that is on sale, and when the prices get really low, I call that a wholesale dream. Like this dress, I got myself from Manzara I can already see myself wearing it with this light jacket that I got from Tally Weijl last summer. I love the olive tone; you already know that I love all the colors that are earth-toned. It also has bonus points since it’s button up. I love everything with a vintage spin on it, and this dress has that oldie buttons that I used to have on the green sweater I used to wear in the kinder garden. I think that the button up style is not going anywhere.

I hope you got yourself something on sale with the past two months. If you’re not a fan of sales, in general, your eyes are probably spinning to the point where your brains are hurting, but as I said before, my blog is all about affordable and chic clothes.

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