All About The Blazer

This season, blazers are so in! Not only blazers but the whole suit look just rocks right now! I wish I had one look that is totally co-orded, which means you have the same top as the bottom (let’s say a blazer and pants), but I kind of don’t? I’m glad that I  saved some of the blazers and I can’t wait to wear and style them all. What’s also super popular this season is these sheer mesh dresses, I’m obsessed with them! All I want this season is to wear midi or maxi mesh dresses with lots of ruffles! I can’t wait to be warmer so I can show you the whole dress. It reminds me of that sheer dress from H&M from last season. I was so in love with it but it was really pricey. The one thing I need to change is that white underdress because I’m a giant and it’s too small for me. I will also do spring trends which I personally think are huge this spring on Thursday so stay tuned.

S I M I L A R   B L A Z E R

M E S H   F L O R A L   D R E S S

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