After a Long Time

Lately, all I do is ”complaining” about how I don’t have much time for myself. I have started a new job an I’m on a try out, so I need to work even harder to get it, but while I was focusing all of my energy and time on my job, I kind of forgot to take care of myself. I have missed creating and doing stuff for my blog. I have missed writing and creating something fresh and inspire people to go out and buy themselves clothes on a budget. That’s exactly what my blog is all about!

I’m glad I’m taking another step in my career because I have learned so damn much! I have learned about business, about how to really appreciate yourself and how to believe in your work. The only thing I haven’t quite figure out is people. People are so weird, to be honest! But that’s a whole new blog pos..

Right now, all I want to do is to focus on myself and my blog and creating a quality content because I would rather publish nothing than to publish a random thing without depth!

B U Y    D R E S S   S H E I N


B U Y   B A G


B U Y   C O N V E R S E



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