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  • Winter Essentials


    Today, I prepared the most bad ass winter essentials for you. I collected some of them during this winter, well if you could actually say we had a winter? There was like zero snow in Slovenia. And I would love if you found some inspiration for your wardrobe in this post, I also included some […]

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  • Off The Shoulder Knits

    Shein Knit Dress

    You know that feeling when you want to be sensual, without showing too much especially in the winter because well, first of all, it’s cold and second of all it’s cold? I know how you feel! I love knit dresses in the winter, but to be able to find myself off the shoulder knit dress […]

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  • Dress or Kimono, your pick!

    Shein floral dress/kimono

    Back to where it all ended at Thursday. ? As I already said, I popped up all the buttons from my SHEIN dress and made another trendy piece which is kimono. Kimonos are seriously on the top of trendin list right now, everyone went crazy for Zara kimono which is absolutely gorgeous, but a little bit […]