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  • Adult Pencl Skirt


    I have to say this skirt was love at first sight. There are so many ways you can combine it, and I can’t wait to show you all the styles that I have in mind. I found this beauty amongst many teenage A-line skirts in H&M, and this one caught my eye. I said to […]

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  • Ruffles and Polka dots


    Ruffles, what a fun and smart invention. They are puffy and so adorable and you kind of feel like a cupcake wearing anything with a little ruffle on the side. I love adding and combining soft/girly things with a little grunge. I’m not particularly a girly girl I’m also quite a tomboy, so combining this […]

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  • Giggle Sessions

    Giggle sessions

    I’m so glad my boyfriend agreed to take photos with/of me, I love how he makes me feel. ❤ It was a quiet Sunday morning and I seriously just rolled out of bed, that’s why my face looks like hundreds of bees stung me, just in case you were wondering! ☺️ We shot two styles, and I […]

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  • Take Me Back To The Night We Met

    Take me back to the night we met

    The idea of retouching and using Photoshop has been sensitive for years now. You can either love it or hate it. It’s true, I can relate to those people who want to take a raw image and just leave it be, I have many fellow photographers who see beauty in raw and untouched photos. I […]

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  • Welcoming Spring

    Welcoming Spring

    I’m welcoming spring with this playful and youthful blog post. I’ve tried to portray somebody who’s just too cool for school, what do you think? Has Ajda done an amazing job or what? We practically did this shoot in the middle of some street, there was a gigantic tree on the left and the shadows […]

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  • Being Feminine

    Being Feminine

    Okay, maybe I used the wrong title for this one, because it sounds like a guide on how to be feminine, which I feel all the time and yeah, I feel feminine even when I have greasy hair and pimple in the middle of my forehead, just not attractive!? This is by far most feminine […]

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  • Oscars Dreaming


    So loves, we definitely need to talk about the famous Oscars! Not about the whole La La Land and the Moonlight mix-up (that was extremely awkward), but about those beautiful and enchanting gowns. I must say I fell asleep somewhere in the middle but I woke up just in the right time, I swear there’s […]

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  • Vintage Part2


    I know I have already shown you my mother’s vintage silk pants in one of my first posts in August, my God how time flies, but I decided, that I’m going to show you the whole co-ord set. This particular outfit makes me shimmer, it’s perfect for summer (look at me, hating winter much?) YES! ? […]