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  • Winter Essentials


    Today, I prepared the most bad ass winter essentials for you. I collected some of them during this winter, well if you could actually say we had a winter? There was like zero snow in Slovenia. And I would love if you found some inspiration for your wardrobe in this post, I also included some […]

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  • Celebrating ZOOFA ZOO


    Today I have a special blog post for you. ZOOFA ZOO invited bloggers to come to their store and celebrate their uniqueness. ZOOFA ZOO is a store in which Slovenian fashion designers present and sell their clothes, and I can’t believe I got to wear clothes from one of my favorite Slovenian fashion designers, and […]

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  • Oscars Dreaming


    So loves, we definitely need to talk about the famous Oscars! Not about the whole La La Land and the Moonlight mix-up (that was extremely awkward), but about those beautiful and enchanting gowns. I must say I fell asleep somewhere in the middle but I woke up just in the right time, I swear there’s […]

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  • Be Limitless


    I’m that kind of a person who likes literarily everything! If we talked in person, and you would ask me if I can describe my personal style, there would be crickets singing in a quire, and one of them would have a solo, singing:’’How the hell should I know?!’’ I really don’t know what my […]

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  • Cheap thrills

    Cheap thrills

    As long as I can remember, I have always been a cheap buyer; I even developed a nickname for myself; it’s economical dork! For me an expression ‘’less is more’’, doesn’t always relate on simplicity, but on quantity of clothes too. The less it costs, the more you have! Yes, it really works that simply! […]