What I Picked from Tally Weijl

Hello loves, so lately I have been so busy that I haven’t even had the chance to post this blog post. I’ve been working on so many things that my mind is just exploding. Early this month I’ve visited Tally Weijl yet again. I’m so grateful for all of these opportunities, and I have picked some new hair pieces for you to see.

The first thing that I picked was this straw hat, they are HUGE this year, and I’m happy that I have some trendy pieces in my closet.

B U Y    S T R A W   H A T


The next thing was these jeans; I’m telling you when it comes to jeans Tally Weijl is the best! They’re so comfortable and stretchy, and I just love a pair of good high waist jeans!

When I saw this green cutie I said, this will go so nice with my hair color, and I also love the silhouette of it! I’m all for cute dresses this summer!

B U Y   D R E S S


Talking about cute, how adorable is this crop top? It screams summer!

B U Y   C R O P   T O P


And to finish this blog post with more stripes, here is another shirt that I absolutely loved! You can make a knot in the front, or you can just leave as it is and wear it as shirt dress!

B U Y   S H I R T



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