Today’s Crush: Sara Kadenšek

Okay loves, I have to tell you about the most epic thing that happened to me, like seriously!! I’m probably going to be 90 and still go on and on, about how some kind of higher power brought Sara and me together❤

To begin, in October I remember sitting with my friends in dining room in my dormitory in Koper. I was eating spaghetti to be precise and in one point there was a girl, sitting across the table, who immediately caught my eye. She had her head shaved and her features were popping out like crazy! I started to stare and punching my friends under the table saying:‘’Please turn around + don’t be obvious about it, and just take a look at that beautiful girl!’’ I swear that girl made my spaghetti even better! When I finished I was scared to approach her and say things like:’’Hello my name is Anastasija, I’m not really a professional photographer but my camera would totally love to make out with you!’’ Like that wasn’t going to happen. I was so scared, I didn’t even know how to approach her, because let me be honest, my hair was greasy as hell and I had my ‘’I don’t give a damn’’ look on, trust me it’s not pretty one! And if I approached her like that, she would think I’m not being serious about it and yeah, if you’re asking yourself my ‘’I don’t give a damn’’ look, is really that bad. She didn’t noticed me, which is weird because with that kind of stare, I was freaking even myself out, so I let it go and think okay, I’m going to see her again and ask her then for sure… Well my friend sadly, that never happened! ? I was so mad at myself!

A little advice to you:’’ Don’t EVER miss a chance on anything, ‘cause trust me, you’ll going to regret it!’’

So, I thought daaaaaaamn she really was the one that got away and I let it go, but every time I was having my lunch in that dining room, I was always looking for her, but she never showed up again.

One day I got message on Facebook from a girl who I didn’t know, I didn’t even get a chance to see her photos, because her profile was locked. She wrote the most beautiful things about my blog and she added: ’’I don’t know why, but I just had a feeling I have to write to you.’’ I was so moved by her words and immediately started thanking her, again I didn’t know who she was. Then she added me as a friend and I finally got a chance to see her photos, because I like to put a face with somebody’s words or voice. I saw that she was shaved which I absolutely loved, but then I saw that she studies in Koper like me, and when my head putted together all of that peace’s of puzzle… Like seriously guys even now, I have chills writing this story down, I realized and said:’’Oh my God, this is the girl from my dining room!!!’’ I pushed my computer and started jumping around living room screaming THIS IS THE GIRL FROM MY DINING ROOM!!! My mom was sitting with me and actually said:’’Its official, my child is going mad!’’ ?? I immediately started writing and asking her if she ever eats in my dormitory and actually started explaining everything, without any hesitation, because I knew, I was sure that she is my mysterious girl from dining room! I wrote how I saw her and didn’t have the guts to approach her, how I regretted that decision and thought I was an idiot, and then finally invited her to do a little project with me. She didn’t even get the chance to say yes to first question, but after a while she confirmed everything! Thank God she did, can you imagine if she didn’t? That would be embarrassing!? She couldn’t believe it! I still don’t know how faith brought us together, but I’m so damn thankful that it did. We started writing to each other messages long as Chinese wall! You know that feeling when you just click with somebody? Well that happened to us! She went on vacation with her boyfriend to visit her brother in Malta. We wrote to each other all along. Our boyfriends even started to get a little jealous, saying we have never wrote that kind of long messages to them, but who are they kidding? They never read the long ones! ? We were like two lovers in a war, writing long letters to one another, only being more Hi Tech and wrote them from Facebook.

Last week, I finally got the chance to meet her in person, I was so nervous, it was like meeting for a date.? We agreed to see each other after our exams which was about 6pm, but then she surprised me with message that she is eating in my dormitory right that moment. I went down stairs with big lump in my throat, approached her and said:’’Sara?’’ She just stood up and gave me the warmest smile and hug ever! Once again faith brought us together to where it all started, that dining room. We were talking for two hours like crazy and then also met up after our exams and talk a little more. The next day we went to take some photos, oh my, what a day that was. I never imagined I would ever get the chance to see her again, let alone take pictures of her! I don’t know who should I be thanking? God, the Universe, faith? But thank you so, so, so much for bringing this beautiful human being into my life.

Sara you are the most incredible soul I have ever got the chance to meet! Thank you for writing to me at first place, thank you for those Hi Tech letters all along, thank you so much for listening to my dreams and wishes and to make one of them, actually come true!


Also a special thanks to her boyfriend Boris, who captured my vision of Sara and me together.

You two are match made in heaven ❤


  1. February 19, 2017 / 03:11

    How I envy your luck to have such a model!

  2. Plamen
    February 19, 2017 / 03:10

    How I envy your luck to have such a model! Beautiful work!

    • February 21, 2017 / 11:00

      Oh thank you so much! And yeah, she is amazing!

  3. February 1, 2017 / 21:47

    This was such a nice post to read, I smiled the whole way through 🙂 What a beautiful story, and beautiful pictures to go along with it!

    • February 13, 2017 / 17:09

      Thank You Madeline so much for reading it! Thank you so much!! ❤

  4. Anonymous
    January 31, 2017 / 18:23

    (Y) (Y) (Y)

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