Today’s crush: Ajda Vrabič

I’ve always wanted to do this kind of shooting… I don’t know what’s the deal with ‘’wet look’’ contoured eyebrows and vaseline lips that I find so mesmerizing. I’ve always searched for the right girl to do it with, and let me tell you, I’ve found just the right one! She has that French/Scandinavian look, so you can’t help but to instantly fall in love with her, how can you not right? We came on set, did minimal make-up and then the magic began. I did the first 20 shots and we had it! That never happened to me before! Every move she made, was pure poetry!

She is so natural and comfortable in her own skin! Her slight movements and face expressions are so intimate, in such a sensual way, I’ve lost my words… These photos are really close to my heart, and the best ones I’ve ever done.

Thank you Ajda Xx



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