The Most Personal of Them all

I always loved poetry, I never really emphasized that about myself, but since it became one of the most significant parts of me, I decided to speak about it. I always remember loving literature; I was always touched by Shakespeare and truth be told, I was obsessed with him in high school. Poetry, all of a sudden, became my drug. I can’t stress enough of how much it saved me, how many times words from other poets touched me in a way that’s unimaginable. I always thought I was a cold person because there was a period in my life where I would just go full on numb. I was broken, who am I kidding? I was shattered, and I didn’t even want to feel anything, I didn’t trust anyone, I didn’t trust even myself. I was just trying to protect myself from being hurt again, and I closed my doors. But then, Žiga (my boyfriend) happened, and I was opening myself up again. When life gives you a hard time, you really learn so much about yourself, your soul to be specific! I went through some hard time for the past month and poetry helped me with processing my emotions to the fullest. Well poetry and my friend Sara,  to who I will forever be grateful! What I learned in that process was that I’m one of the most caring, passionate, loyal and loving person and I know how weird that sounds, but I KNOW MYSELF now. I came around and rebuilt myself once again. Now I know, that I don’t need to hide my emotions or feelings and that I don’t need to pretend to be someone that I didn’t even recognize anymore! I learned that when I love, I love so hard that sometimes that deep feeling scares the sh*t out of me. I know that I’m babbling about my emotions, but poetry really helped me to understand myself and most of all to heal! I’m still working on that:’’ Forgive & Let go’’ part, but I hope in time I will manage to do just that! I know a lot of you will ask themselves what the hell is she talking about, but I really hope that one day, you fall in love with poetry the same way that I did years ago, and it becomes your savior!

I also have a list of my favorite poets for you. If you don’t want to buy their outstanding work, make sure to check them out on their Instagram.

Rupi Kaur

This woman doesn’t even know how many times she saved my life.

I don’t want to pick my favorite poem from her, but this one…. Straight into my heart! ?

Check out her books HERE and HERE

Pierre Jeanty

When I read this man’s poetry, I really feel how much he loves his wife, like seriously!

Check his work HERE, HERE and HERE

Nayyirah Waheed

Love this woman ?

Check her work out HERE

Emery Allen

As you probably know I love her work, and she is so damn young with such a brilliant mind!

Check her work HERE and HERE

L. Figaro

When I read L. Figaro, my heart is exploding. Tears of broken hearts it’s one of the most emotional exploring books ever!

Check his work right HERE

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    So beautiful! <3 <3

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