That’s what the water gave me

This girl has such a special place in my heart. I remember, when I first started with my attempts at photography, she was one of my first models I have worked with, and she still is the first person I think about when I have some ”cray, cray” idea in my mind! I will never forget the first shoot we did together. We were shooting in the lake in the middle of April! It was about to start raining and we ran home like we had fire under our feet, but little did we know it started pouring, off course it did! As we ran, we laughed so hard at each other! We were wet, our stomach hurt from laughing and we were losing breath, damn! Those were good memories! When we finally came home I noticed Katarina has red spots all over her body. I asked her if she was okay, if something’s wrong. And she turned to me and said (laughing) oooh, yeah I forgot to tell you I’m allergic to cold. Well my friend, that day I almost had a stroke! Are you serious??? And you didn’t tell me? You were just in a lake in the middle of April, again people it was April! I have put her under a hot shower, and made her a pizza, the best comfort food if you ask me. And that’s how out memories were made, out in the rain, with camera around my neck, stomach pain, redness, bickering about boys and laughing so hard we almost cried! She was and still is such a strong, beautiful and fearless person and that’s why I’m so in love with her.

Now you know why I’ve used this title for this post. We started our journey with water and I would like to think, it gave me the most beautiful friend I’ve ever wished for. Thank you Katarina for constantly bringing fire to my photography, you are truly a miracle.


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