I guess we’re back to wearing coats? NOOOOO! ? I can still remember the day when I was so freaking hot in this outfit, and I didn’t think I would post this one because the weather was getting so warm and lovely, but the weather right now is straight from September. And NO there’s no ‘’Wake me up, when September ends’’ song stuck inside my head! ? Don’t get me wrong I kind of like rain. I can still remember my mother telling me that when it rains, God takes a bath in the Paradise and he blesses us with water descending as rain. God, how I love my mom and here fairytale stories. ❤

That wasn’t the only story she told me. She also told me a story about my relationship with the Sun. I was raised in ‘’dark colored hair’’ family. My mother has thick dark curly hair and well, guess what kind of hair my brother has? A hint: He’s not ginger! ? I never really understood why I am the only one with red hair?? I started asking questions about it. Sometimes I was even cruel and asked if I was adopted, or if I was switched at birth, like what the hell? So my mother has had it one day, and she simply made up this silly story and said:’’ Do you really want to know why your hair is so orange? Because, when you were born, you’ve been kissed by the Sun and it blessed you with your beautiful orange hair.” I swear I had the most awkward period when I was walking around and sending kisses back to the Sun. My mother thought it was cute, but my friends in the kinder garden, on the other hand, thought I was going nuts. ?
I sometimes love to write about stuff that has nothing to do with my outfit; this is one of them. ?

I’m wearing:

Shirt, Mom jeans and coat from H&M

Heels Princess Shop

Photo: Nikolina Babić


  1. May 3, 2017 / 16:22

    This is actually crazy that you are the only one in your family with red hair ^^ Makes you even more unique haha I thought you needed to have at least one parent with the gene, I guess it comes from further away, like grandparents and great-parents. It’s the same for me, I’m the only one with blue eyes. My dad has brown eyes, and my mom and brother have green ones, lucky bastards haha

    • May 16, 2017 / 19:27

      Yes I know, I was constantly asking if I was adopted ? Yes, both of parents has to have the gene, my grandmother had a red hair (my mother’s mom) and my father’s aunt had red hair, so the best of both worlds I guess ? ooooooh but you are so lucky to have blue eyes girl!! I love blue eyes!! ❤

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