Quick Ideas For Christmas Presents

I bet you already have some ideas on what to buy to your friends, family, boyfriend, etc. for Christmas, because well first, you know your family more than I do and second it’s really getting near to Christmas, so it would be weird if you wouldn’t have all that planned out by the end of November. I’m just kidding that was sarcastic since people are getting crazy with Christmas lights literally on 15th of November. I don’t want to be one of those people who complain over little stuff, but doing crazy thing more than a month away from Christmas just kills all the Christmas spirit because it goes on for far too long! I remember being a kid and my mom and I went crazy literally one week before Christmas.

So, my loves, Christmas is literally around the corner, and I have simple yet thoughtful Christmas present ideas to help you out a little bit.

1. J E W  E L R Y

I’m not talking about jewelry that will cost you a fortune; I’m talking about a simple locket that can keep the most intimate memories of you and literally anybody!  I got this locket at RockNRose.I’ve printed out a photo of Žiga and me and put it right in. That way I can always keep my most precious memories by my heart.

B U Y   L O C K E T


2.  C O Z Y   K N I T S

Next one is simple, yet super helpful with these cold days that are still to come. I’m talking about all things cozy and warm. There’s no way you can get wrong with buying a large scarf, hat, and gloves. You can get these items everywhere, mine are from Tally Weijl, and that hat and scarf will definitely keep me warm for all cold days to come.

B U Y   S C A R F   A N D   H A T



3. A    W A T C H

Next one is a little bit expensive but still meaningful — a watch. If you have a friend that’s always late (we all do) make a joke out of it and buy them a watch so they’ll never be late again (yeah, in our dreams). This one is Daniel Wellington, but you can buy any watch there is. If you purchase one of Daniel Wellington’s watches, you can still use my code anastasijakajbaxdw and get yourself an additional 15% off. The offer stands until January 13th.

B U Y   W A T C H


4. C O O K I E S

Next one is cookies! I love baking cookies, but my mother has to be involved haha. I’m better with salty food than sweet. I don’t know how, but even if I do exactly what receipt is telling me the dough is not going to be the same. I love making main dishes, but I suck at doing sweet stuff, except for brownies, I have a killer brownies skills, so I’ll be making one of those this year.

F I N D   B R O W N I E   R E C E I P T


5. A P L A N N E R

Buy them a planner for a brand New Year. I’m not really a person for planners, I  have a busy schedule but I somehow either remember stuff or write it on my phone. But I have lots of my friends who are obsessed with planners; maybe you have a friend that would need one too.

B U Y   P L A N E R



The most important thing is to really listen to a person what he/she tells you over a whole year. I’m listening to my friends, my mommy, Žiga and I just write it on my phone. That way a have a stash and when I’m in crisis I just look on my list and I already have all the gifts. You can’t buy them a house or a car, haha but there really are small things that you can put a little effort in, and you have the perfect Christmas present.  You can also give them lots of kisses, snuggles and on and on, but who are we kidding, our hearts always expand just a little when we see a little box or festive bag under our Christmas tree.


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