My Go To Summer Fragrance

Hello my loves and welcome back to yet another blog post.

I was never really obsessed with fragrances in general, I mean I do love it when I pass a stranger on the street and she gives me a compliment and instantly asks me which fragrance is that.


What, I also love about fragrances is the fact that they make you feel nostalgic in some way. Have you ever smelled something and it immediately took you back to a certain place or a person? It happens to me all the time! Even Žiga said that Hugo Boss-Alive smells like the summer of 2020 to him because I wore it all the time, and I still do.

Hugo Boss-Alive is definitely my go-to fragrance for summer. You would think the wooden notes give more of an autumn or even a winter feeling but I swear this one has the most refreshing and light scent.


One of the most compelling reasons why I purchased this one was how long it actually stayed on my skin. I can be outside doing my chores throughout the whole day and when I come home, hop into the shower I’m still going to be able to smell it, and that for me is worth every single euro.


The notes.

I don’t know if you knew, but when it comes to fragrances you have top notes, middle notes, and the base notes. The top notes are usually the ones you smell instantly when you put the perfume on.

Middle notes are usually the ones that linger.

And base notes are the ones that stay on your skin for a long period of time. Like I’ve said before base notes were the ones that persuaded me to purchase this one.

The top notes in Hugo Boss-Alive are apple, cinnamon, black currant, Madagascan vanilla, and plum.

I can’t believe but the first thing I actually smell is a mixture of plum and vanilla. The one thing I really love about perfumes is the fact that it smells different to everyone. I smell plum and vanilla while my friend smells vanilla and apple.



You can get 30ml, 50ml, and 80ml. I got 80ml because I really, really do love the smell of it and as you can see from photos I nearly used all of it so I’ll probably invest and get another one.

I would say this particular perfume is more on the pricy side, but you get so much out of it. I personally don’t use perfume every day but when I do it stays on for the whole day.


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