Mirror, mirror, on the wall who’s the palest of them all…

Well for the first time in my life it’s not me! For as long as I can remember I was in constant competition for the palest person alive and guess what? I won the trophy years ago. I know I’m a redhead and being pale is part of the whole package but still, I didn’t like my pale skin even when I was younger. Let me tell you a little story of how my every vacation at sea went down. My mom bought me a brand new cute bathing suit, but then we remembered, I’m allergic to the sun so being a ginger, pale and wearing a white shirt in the middle of the sea?? I wasn’t noticeable at all, like at all!! Oh and don’t even get me started on that cynical and sarcastic remarks like:’’ You study by the sea? Are you sure? How come you’ve been studying in Koper for five years, and there’s no sight of tan on your skin?’’ God, how I loved those remarks! I managed to accept the fact that I’m never going to be tanned. I even developed a whole love relationship with my skin type and how to nourish it and all that girly stuff, but every time summer came I felt miserable. I couldn’t wear jeans shorts because… I mean have you seen jeans shorts on a pale person? And when the sun burns me, which I do not like at all because I feel like my skin is hundred years old and all wrinkled, It’s just disgusting and not healthy at all.

On the left is Bondi Sands foam in shade dark and on the right is Bondi Sands everyday gradual tanning milk, so whenever you see your tan fading which doesn’t happen until day five with my tan, just apply everyday gradual tanning milk.

I was talking and asking my friends if they ever tried any self-tanning products and they were like:’’ Don’t do it! You’re going to get all patchy, and it will just not look natural on you.’’ But I’m a pretty stubborn person and how will you ever know if you never try, am I right? So I did my research, and I stumbled upon this Australian brand called BONDI SANDS. Australians really do know how to do business! I watched gazillion Youtube clips where girls are testing that same product, and they were over the moon about it, so I decided I’m going to try it out.
Before my first application of Bondi Sands, I was nervous for days. I never was tanned so I was scared I wouldn’t like myself. Watching yourself for 24 years being pale and then all of a sudden you’re tanned, it’s a little shock, to be honest.

When I woke up in the morning (because for better results you should leave your tan on overnight), it was like Christmas morning for me. I couldn’t wait to go and check out how I look with a tan on and honestly…. I WAS OVER THE MOON!!!! My boyfriend even developed a new nick name for me, and that’s ”little gypsy” All of a sudden I’m being Shakira singing:” I’m a little gypsy, are you coming with me?” I still cannot believe how beautiful, and how natural the product looks on my skin and don’t even get me started on that coconut scent. ?There are NO patches what so ever, it just seems like you’ve been kissed by the sun. All of a sudden you’re bronzed Goddess! You should know that the product that I ordered is NOT cream structure (oh my God, pardon me, I’m so bad at this beauty posts) its foam, it’s like shaving cream, that’s why the product tends to spread more easily and looks more natural and not patchy at all! I couldn’t be happier, and I can’t believe I’m tanned for the first time in my life! ❤

You can check out and order all of their products on their official site HERE; ❤

I also ordered my Bondi Sands stash for whole summer on a site called FEELUNIQUE because it’s cheaper, you can check it out right HERE. ❤
I ordered myself shade DARK; there’s also light/medium, dark and ultra-dark, it depends on how strong you want your tan to be. I think that shade dark really compliments my skin.


MAKE SURE YOU EXFOLIATE (you need to exfoliate your skin as if your life depends on it, if you don’t do the most important part which is exfoliation, your tan will grab on the dry parts of your skin and stain them… don’t do it, make sure you exfoliate).

SHAVE (I do my exfoliation first and then shave afterward).

WAIT A SECOND (Well not just a second! Before you apply your tan leave your body to close up those pores, don’t just go using tan right after you shower, exfoliate and shave because your tan will go into your pores and create little dots).

MOISTURIZE (grab a light moisturizer and apply it to your dry areas on your body, like; your elbows, knees, around your ankles, the back of your hands, and your foot and I apply it around my collarbone as well).

PREPARE TO GLOW (when you do all of those steps, you can start with your application. The best way to apply your tan is with application Mitt; you can buy that in every drug store. When you’re applying your tan, make sure you start with your legs and then continue to your upper body. Don’t apply extra tan on your foot, knees, elbows and back of your hand. First, apply it on whole hand or legs and then just go over the back of your hands, foot, elbows, and knees with what’s left on your application mitt. Otherwise, your hands, feet, elbows, and knees will be more tanned than other parts of your body. Oh and also, call your mom or a friend or a boyfriend to tan your back).

TANNING YOUR FACE (I also use my tanning foam to tan my face because I don’t use any foundation what so ever. I use a half of squirt of my foam and apply it with my Real Techniques expert face brush; I don’t use mitt for my face because I think that’s disgusting. If you’re afraid about braking out, I don’t break out from Bondi Sands foam and I have the most sensitive skin ever. When you’re tanning your face don’t forget about your ears! After you’re done with the face, just go over your ears with the brush, that’s all).

LET IT DRY (when you’re done with tanning, just awkwardly stand there naked or in a bikini for at least 10 minutes before putting on your clothes. You need to put on loose pajamas, because tan will get in your pajamas, but don’t worry it washes off. You shouldn’t sleep in crisp white sheets eather because tan will get on them, trust me, but it will wash off in your washing machine, don’t worry).

IN THE MORNING (you need to pop into a shower for like fifteen seconds MAX! I wash my face and my hands first in the sink and then go into the shower and just rinse my whole body with water. DON’T use any body shower washes because your tan will not develop to the maximum. When using towel be gentle, don’t rub anything because you don’t want to rub off any color).

MAINTAINING YOUR TAN (make sure you moisturize at least once or even better, twice a day, so your skin is hydrated all the time. When you see your tan fading you can use every day gradual tanning milk).

If you have any questions or if you want me to do the whole Bondi Sands tanning routine, let me know. ❤

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  1. Super, Bondi Sands me še čaka, do sedaj sem bila pa zelo zadovoljna s St. Moriz. 🙂

    1. Ooooo ravno sem šla polgedat in res nisem vedela, da je še kaj bolj cenovno dostopnega od Bondi Sandsa 😀 Očitno nisem naredila ravno dobre razskave na trgu 😛 Hvala bom preizkusila! ?

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