It Was Creative Monday

Today I have a different kind of blog post for you. Just a few days ago, I got to meet Žiga Dornik and his fiancé  Nina Stanič. I have been obsessing over them for a while, especially Žiga’s tremendous talent for videography and Nina’s intuitive feeling for creative content that she’s posting on her Instagram and her blog. Nina invited me to come over and just shoot some stuff. So, I packed some of my clothes and went to Ljubljana! I had no idea how will I pull this off because I’m not really the indoor photographer type and I never saw the place before so that was unpredictable, which sometimes can be the greatest thing!

I shot some photos of her, and we created some amazing stuff! Scroll down to see some photos!

But then, the roles had reversed and all of a sudden I wasn’t a photographer anymore, I was sitting in the middle of this beautiful gypsy vibe set up Nina created. She really has an amazing talent for indoor design! Here are the photos, she created of me.

Right before we started shooting Žiga surprised me with a little invitation to do an interview with him for this amazing blog called SINE METU. I was over the moon about it! You can also check my Instagram stories because I talked like crazy about it! You can check the whole interview right HERE.

Make sure to check Nina’s blog HERE

Her Instagram HERE

Her Youtube channel HERE


Definitely, make sure to check Žiga’s AMAZING youtube channel HERE

And his Instagram HERE

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