Inspired By Kindness

I’m so grateful for kind people. It’s a rare thing they say for someone to approach you and say something sweet, but I’m that kind of a person who just can’t go to sleep if I don’t say something nice to someone. Now, it doesn’t matter whether it’s online complimenting someone or just giving little smiles to strangers (well this one is a little bit tricky since everyone thinks you’re flirting with them, dude chill, I’m just being nice!) So why was I inspired by kindness for this post? Not long ago I got a private message on my Instagram page and it was from a cute page called Knjiganadan. They complimented my photos, and I took a look at their page, which I always do, and there was so much inspiration for me, so I decided I’m going to make a whole blog post about this little cute-meet!

I would say that their mission is to inspire people to read more books, snap a photo of it and then,  post it on social media. Not because you need to prove to everyone you’re a bookworm, but because it’s cute and you’re inspiring people to read the same book as you and then share your thoughts! Right now I’m reading articles and books about resiliency since I’m doing my master’s degree, so there’s no time for me to read a proper book. But I can’t wait to go to the beach and just relax and read some new stuff. If you have any suggestion for amazing books, please let me know in the comments below.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday ❤

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