How I Take My Photos

If you’re asking yourself why am I looking at my phone like some phone addict, let me explain myself again. A lot of you asked me on Instagram, how I make this type of photos:

If you’re taking your photos with your phone, that’s easy to handle, but if you’re taking your photos with a DSLR, that’s a whole new level. I don’t want my arm to fall off that’s why I’m using my tripod, wi-fi camera connection, and my phone to take photos. You see, my camera (Nikon D750) has a WI-FI connection, and I can connect it to my phone. I see myself on the phone and I can change focus however I want, while I’m taking my photos, that’s why I’m looking at my phone all the time. I think this was the worst explanation on how to take this photos of all time hahaha, I’m sorry I’m bad at this! I know how it works, but I’m bad at explaining things apparently. All you need to have is a camera with wi-fi connection, and an app on your phone called Nikon wmu app. You don’t even need a tripod, since you can support your camera with books and stuff like that, so don’t worry. You can also use your hand and have a whole fitness day, it’s up to you.

And for the bangs, I randomly saw how to do fake bangs a week ago at midnight and I decided to do them 5 minutes later. You know when you have so much to do and there you are at midnight, doing fake bangs, what a time to be alive, seriously!

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