DIY Your Own Laceup Espadrilles

Okay loves, let’s talk about another trend, THE espadrilles!? I was already in love with them last summer, but I don’t know why I didn’t buy myself some. I had my eyes on one pair from H&M, and they were lace up, and I don’t know why my brain and my wallet haven’t collaborated on that one! I’m regretting my decision right now, but it was the end of summer, so I thought well I won’t need them now, silly me! I was looking for the right pair for this season, but I just didn’t found the right one, so I kind of DIYed them myself. Today you are going to learn how to make your lace up espadrilles. ? Well, more precisely we’re going to talk more about that lace up thingy because I’m no shoemaker… yet! ?

For this DIY you’re going to need one pair of espadrilles, I bought mine in New Yorker for 19,95€

Some ribbon without the roses (they are here to charm you?), it’s totally up to you which color you’ll choose, but because my espadrilles are soft pink, I went for soft pink. I also tried to find black gingham ribbon because that would be the bomb with the soft pink combination, but I didn’t find any, but if I do, I will sew that right on and show you how it looks. I bought 4m of my ribbon, 1m on each side of a shoe.

You’ll also need a needle, scissors, and some thread, again color is totally up to you!

And now, the procedure ?

First, take your ribbon and put it right under the upper layer of espadrilles

Then grab your thread and needle and start sewing, make sure that the stitching is tight.

Repeat the same thing on another espadrille, and that’s practically it. No science here!

The only thing that’s left is lace up. ? You can do high lace up, that depends on how long your ribbon is, or flat lace-up!

That’s all! Hope you liked my DIY and if you want to see more, make sure you let me know in comments bellow, now get yourself some espadrilles and make your summer shoe dream come true! ❤

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