Collaboration with Katarina Veselič

Today I’m bursting with joy because I’m sharing with you one of the most precious moments in my life. I started my new years on a high note because I was invited to collaborate with one of my idols, I’m talking about one and only Katarina Veselič. If you don’t know who she is, let me introduce her. She’s a young fashion, lifestyle, and portrait, (you name it) photographer from Ljubljana. I was admiring her work for years now, and I still can’t believe that she invited me to be a part of her project 52.

Another wish that came true that day was visiting Lake Bohinj. And I know what you think, how come I’m from Slovenia and I never visited Bohinj? Well, honestly I don’t know why! I wanted to go to lake Bohinj for so long now, oh my and I finally got the chance to see the magnificent lake and nature all around it. It was just breathtaking, seriously! Most of the time, when I’m admiring what Mother Nature gave to us, I feel so small! And while feeling small, I said to myself I need to do a photo shoot here ASAP!

I had the chance to collaborate with Nina, who I already presented in a post the girl with pink hair. But for this one, I was a model, so she had to do makeup on me which was a totally new experience. I only had a professional do my make up twice in my life, and both were pleasant! Nina also gives a face massage before she starts putting on make-up, so that was a bonus for me!

I loved the whole photo-shoot, and I hope to collaborate with other amazing artists soon!

Katarina has an official page, so check it right HERE

Also check her Instagram page HERE

Check Nina’s beautiful portfolio HERE and contact this girl for any make up!

Also check her Instagram page HERE




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