Autumn Picks

Okay first of all, how cool is this outfit? Like seriously? Rate it from 1-10 for me! I think it’s the coolest, the only thing missing is a shirt, but while there is still a little sun outside, walking around with just a blazer will do.
I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the Tally Weijl offer for this fall/winter collection. Well, mostly fall because there are still some of the pieces that have that summer vibe going on. As soon as I glanced this two beautiful pieces, I was head over heels. But don’t be mistaken this is initially not a co-ord set. The blazer has a slightly different pattern than pants, but who cares??
While I was following all the newest fashion trends for this year’s fall/winter, I noticed it’s going to be lots of patterns and animal prints, which I have to say I’m not quite happy about! I also saw it’s going to be super trendy to put two animal prints together, so zebra + leopard and you have a trend, my dear! I don’t even want to think about it!
B U Y   S I M I L A R   P A N T S
B U Y   S I M I L A R   B L A Z E R
B U Y   S I M I L A R   H E E L S

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