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    Feeling Blue

    I believe my clothes are feeling blue, me on the other hand; not so much! So because I’m so in love with this scarf I had to do one more styling with it and I can’t promise you, this is the last one. Before we went take some photos, my friend actually said:” Oh, you’re […]

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    I’m that kind of a person who likes literarily everything! If we talked in person, and you would ask me if I can describe my personal style, there would be crickets singing in a quire, and one of them would have a solo, singing:’’How the hell should I know?!’’ I really don’t know what my […]

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  • Collaboration with Sarah Mikuž

    Runway diary

    I had the honor to walk for this young, soulful and keen fashion designer. She really eats, breaths and drinks fashion! My first impression when I walked into the fitting room was ”Are you freaking kidding me?” I seriously was mind blown. All the other gorgeous models were already dressed up, so I had the […]