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    All I have to say about this jacket is that it was love at first sight! It’s super cozy, and it’s so me! As I said before I love pairing girly clothes with just a little bit of rock and roll and this outfit is just that!  I love everything about this jacket, especially those […]

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  • Balmain Inspired Blazer


    God, how I love a good blazer, that’s just the right length. You already know how I feel about showing my kidneys to the world right? Not my cup of tea. I saw this blazer with the most beautiful golden button details at ZAFUL, and I said that I have to have it! It reminds […]

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    I’m that kind of a person who likes literarily everything! If we talked in person, and you would ask me if I can describe my personal style, there would be crickets singing in a quire, and one of them would have a solo, singing:’’How the hell should I know?!’’ I really don’t know what my […]