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  • The Ultimate Wrap Dress


    So, in case you didn’t know, I’m practically a giant, so wearing this dress with a little side breeze is a terrible idea. I got this dress form the site called LUPSONA, but I’m so sad that I didn’t size this one up! It’s a little bit too short for my large torso and legs, […]

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  • Lingerie Inspired Dress

    Lingerie Inspired Dress

    I think that this week’s theme is white tee under a simple dress. ☺️ I am in love with this style. I tried to buy myself a sheer, lingerie-inspired dress for so long now. There’s something that I would change about this dress, and that’s sleeves. I only wish it had proper short or long sleeves, […]

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  • Date Night Outfit


    I don’t know if there’s anything more comfortable than a satin skirt or dress.? To a woman, a silk dress is not JUST a dress. It’s about letting your skin breath; it’s about feeling all pampered and admired and mostly it’s about feeling yourself, this is definitely what Beyonce would say! ? This trend was […]

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  • Bigger Than My Usual Size

    Bigger Than My Usual Size

    I absolutely love this skirt! ? Truth be told, it’s much bigger than my usual size, but when I saw it in H&M, I said what the hell. As I already said in one of my posts, I usually like to buy myself bigger clothes, because of their comfort and if they are too big, I […]